Dolby Atmos vs DTS X update.

I had originally posted that I planned on revisiting Neural: X after replacing my Onkyo with a Denon AVR x1300w, as it seemed the behavior was different in the new AVR. Since I’ve had a lot more time to also experiment with Atmos and DTS X discs, I’d also like to share some thoughts on […]

Klipsch RP-150m Review

I never used to be a huge fan of Klipsch back when I listened to the old Reference II series. Sure, their speakers managed to reach incredible volume with extreme dynamic range using very little power, but at the cost of shrill, piercing highs due to a rising treble response caused by the horn. In […]

New AVR, better DTS Neural: X performance?

I recently replaced my Onkyo TX NR-656 with a Denon AVR x1300w after the left surround channel went out. Revisiting Neural: X for two channel content, I immediately noticed a difference, and that difference was much better than my previous experiences. For one, the surrounds were no longer “out of phase”, and there was much […]

Chasing More Power is a Waste of Time.

Power ratings are one of the biggest advertising points used by manufacturers when selling amplifiers and receivers. Often times, the front of the box will have a big (often inflated) number printed on it saying something like “770 watts”, deriving this number by taking the 1khz, 1ch driven at 1% distortion rating (which is often […]

DuaFire IR Repeater Review

A month or so back a Chinese company under the name of “wowsbox” (where do they come up with these names?) contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to do a review of their IR repeater, of course I said yes, otherwise why would I even be writing this post? The repeater […]